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31 Dec '16

Online store open at last

Posted by Bryan Nieuwenhuyse

Its been a slow process. From conception, dreams over the last few years, trying, and mostly failing, to source product. You know how hard that is, as part of the un-catered for 1% of the population. Regular stores won't stock big sizes because they are slow moving. Wholesalers don't order because retailers are not selling. Manufacturers will only make a run, if they have tooling at all, when the have sufficient orders. In other words. Unobtainable.

Stand Up paddle board seemed the easiest place to start with our experience in the technology of designing and building Windsurfers (for all sizes and disciplines) since 1982.

No manufacturers were keen to add our designs to their product lines in the small quantities required for a startup business so there was no alternative other than to set up our own manufacturing facility. Hopefully our order volumes increase enough to outsource this aspect.

We were late off the mark with manufacturing last summer season, but up and running now with a second more surf performance oriented model about to hit the water.

Another obvious product line is Kayaks. There are plenty of sit-on fishing type kayaks that will carry plenty of weight but performance surf skis and enclosed cockpit sea kayaks with large carrying capacity are very rare. The two offered on this site are adaptions of existing, high load capacity, designs with larger, relocated, cockpits and bulkheads, and raised decklines. The next steps here are new, purpose designed and manufactured craft specifically for big and tall.

Bicycles and accessories are another ongoing and future project. Road bikes and hard tail mountain-bikes are the most easily available, but difficult to find in stock at most stores. XXL full suspension mountain bikes are built by only a couple of manufacturers, and only in very limited styles, but you wont find any in shops. Especially in New Zealand. No major manufacturers list anything larger.

Other product groups contemplated for the future are outdoor products, kite-sailing, surf clothing, and wetsuits.

Spread the word. Buy Big Stuff. Make it happen.